Between the two founders, Equity Hunter has a combined 33 years’ experience in selling local apartment buildings.  The key to creating wealth for our clients is “Add Value”  marketing, and that is something we do extremely well.  We offer our clients multiple levels of comprehensive marketing depending on their needs.  Our clients can choose from full exposure marketing campaigns to more discreet off-market sales. Our goal is get the job done- the way you want it done!

  • Full Length Video – In this fast paced world, videos allow potential buyers to experience your asset in a more timely manner- from their home, work or cell. Videos have an additional experience where we can draw in the viewer to your assets highlights and best selling points.

  • Drone Footage – Drone footage helps bring potential buyers into the experience of your asset. Drones provide unique views of the landscape and highlight the quality of your property.  To me drone footage and photographs really give me a perspective I would not otherwise get from Google Earth or otherwise.  There are clear videos and photographs of just your parcel and just beyond your assets boundaries.

  • National/International Advertising – We access buyers from around the world.  Silicon Valley deserves that scope.

  • Marketing Package – Marketing packages are made to suit your needs. Each asset will have a specially designed marketing package highlighting the assets value; including 5 year projections where we can sell future value.

  • Postcards – Post cards are extremely effective!  But they have to reach the decision makers.   Our database does that.   They are also extremely effective because you don’t have to open an envelope to see the contents and you can’t throw it away without seeing the building, the price and that it’s for sale.

  • One-on-One Calling – There is no more effective way of selling your asset than getting principals in a private conversation regarding your property. We average hundreds of calls per week giving us the opportunity to verbally highlight the opportunity and sell future value.

  • Dedicated Webpage – Your asset does not belong lumped in with other properties. We understand your property is unique, so we separate it from other assets with its own dedicated web page.

However, If you prefer a more discreet sale:

• Off-Market Sales – Equity Hunters understands not all clients want a full marketing campaign. We are able to discreetly reach out and market your property to qualified buyers.  After 33 years of selling apartment buildings locally, our Silicon Valley network of investors and apartment owners is comprehensive.



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